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Saturday, October 06, 2018

Download Driver Brother HL-L3270CDW

Brother HL-L3270CDW Driver Download. The Brother HL-L3270CDW represents the spearhead of the HL-L3000 series from the manufacturer. In contrast to the smaller brothers HL-L3230CDW and HL-L3210CW, there is the painfully missing touch screen there for a comfortable operation and the leisurely print speed was on here raised more than solid 24 pages per minute. Only with two-sided pressure, the tempo drops again enormously. At the single workstation, the relatively compact device looks good, but working groups lack a copy and scan function. Also, the paper tray should be larger for larger offices. The print quality should be good with a resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi. Since it is a laser printer, you should expect no miracles in photo printing.

I used to have HP printers and was initially skeptical about the Brother brand. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! The printer can do what it promises. I myself have never seen such a quiet and fast printer! The quality of the prints is great, no smearing, blurring or dotting! The coloring is full and strong. It did not take me long to find out that I wanted to keep this printer and that the purchase was not a wrong decision! The Brother printer HL-L3270CDW is a color laser printer and uses the electrophotographic LED color technology. It has a display with 16 characters and a memory of 256 MB. There is a local interface USB 2.0. An off switch is located on the control panel. That means no bending behind the device to turn the printer on or off. The Brother HL-L3270CDW print speed is up to 18 pages per minute in black and white and in color. From standby mode it prints in less than 14 seconds, from sleep mode it takes less than 28 seconds. 

Brother HL-L3270CDW Drivers & Software Download

Brother HL-L3270CDW Driver Download

The resolution is up to 2400 × 600 dpi. The Brother HL-L3270CDW printer has N at 1 pressure. That means it can shrink 2, 4, 9, 16 or 25 A4 pages and print on one A4 page. The printout can be watermarked. Duplex printing can be done by manual turning. It is very easy to insert documents with a footer and a header. This Brother HL-L3270CDW printer has a poster printing function, ie you can enlarge an A4 page to 4, 9, 6 or 25 A4 pages, which then put together a giant poster. 

The paper feed can be done in two different ways, once through a paper cassette that holds 250 sheets or through the cut sheet feeder. It can be used paper of 60-163 g / square meter. The paper tray holds a total of 150 sheets. Many types of paper, plain paper, thin paper, thick paper, recycled paper, stationery, glossy paper, paper envelopes or labels can be printed. The Brother HL-L3270CDW printer has wifi. The device can be secured by PIN entry and the control panel can be completely locked. You can also lock the users of the printing activities for up to 100 users. 

Included are four starter toner in black, cyan, magenta and yellow for about 1000 pages each. The Brother HL-L3270CDW printer consumes 390 watts when printing, 75 watts in standby and 1 watts in deep sleep, then only 0.04 watts off. 

Turning on the quiet mode reduces the volume and energy consumption, and the printer slows down a bit. Overall, this Brother HL-L3270CDW printer is not quite as big as others, but also offers only the printing function. One can not scan with this device and not copy. The printer comes in its original packaging and comes with a three-year on-site warranty. In addition, the printer can operate compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the DSGVO. The printer is fast and quiet. It has a single-sheet feeder and a cassette for paper with up to 250 pages. It can be operated very quickly and easily by mobile devices. It has WiFi. 

Duplex printing is possible manually from the cut sheet feeder. The Brother HL-L3270CDW print picture is very nice and the printer is whisper quiet. The user manual is very easy to understand and the printer can be used quickly. Everything except a data cable is included. Since the printer only prints and has no copy or scanner function, it is much smaller than its counterparts. This makes it ideal for small offices. Since here only invoices and occasionally flyers are printed, it is just the right device for us.

  1. Download Linux Drivers Brother HL-L3270CDW
  2. Download Full Drivers & Software Brother HL-L3270CDW for MacOS 10.14
  3. Download Full Drivers & Software Brother HL-L3270CDW for macOS 10.13, macOS 10.12, OS X 10.11
  4. Download Full Drivers & Software Brother HL-L3270CDW for Windows OS

Compatible Model: Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 7 SP1 (32bit), Windows 7 SP1 (64bit), Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit), Windows Server 2012 (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 (32-bit), Windows Server 2008 (64-bit)

Friday, October 05, 2018

Download Driver Brother MFC-L8900CDW

Brother MFC-L8900CDW Driver Download. By using the supplied driver and software package, you can create a security PIN so that you only have access to specified functions when you enter this PIN on the color touch display. In addition, you can completely block public access, create profiles and define privileges as well as restrictions of the authorized users. This makes the MFC-L8900CDW predestined for use in large offices, workgroups or copy shops.

With over 1,000 euros, the Brother is absolutely no bargain in the purchase. The Brother MFC-L8900CDW as a laser printer, however, he brings text pages extremely sparingly to paper. In a test, the testers calculated an approximate price per page of 1.5 cents per black and white page and just under 10 cents for a color page. Combined with very wide-range toner cartridges, the color laser plays in terms of follow-up costs in a completely different league than corresponding inkjet printers. This will be noticeable especially with daily use. Thanks to an integrated duplexer, you can easily print on both sides of the paper in a very short time, without having to turn page by page manually. This saves 50 percent on paper consumption.

Brother MFC-L8900CDW Drivers & Software Download

Brother MFC-L8900CDW Driver Download

Professional, fast and multifunctional in color. The MFC-L8900CDW is ideal for high-volume workgroups thanks to its flexible paper management options. In addition to the built-in NFC card reader for secure authentication, the 4-in-1 color laser multifunction device offers numerous other security features to protect confidential documents.

So far, I'm very happy with the printer. Great printing results and simple and convenient operation, also via WLAN. Compared to my old inkjet printer, the big brother purrs like a kitten (so pretty quietly). Even large quantities of paper are printed in no time at all without loss of quality. Of the functions everything is in it, what you need. So as a small business owner, I print daily a lot both black and white as colored. The Brother MFC-L8900CDW convinced me with the multifunctionality. I do not need to refill the paper as often as possible, the subjects work perfectly. Scan and copy function surprises me with the speed and brilliant reproduction quality. The print quality is very good, the printing speed is optimal. Ideal device for small businesses, even those who need a lot of printing and / or scanning / copying. I say 5+ for this Brother MFC-L8900CDW printer.

  1. Download Linux Drivers Brother MFC-L8900CDW
  2. Download Drivers & Software Brother MFC-L8900CDW for Mac OS 10.14
  3. Download Drivers & Software Brother MFC-L8900CDW for macOS (10.13)
  4. Download Drivers & Software Brother MFC-L8900CDW for macOS (10.12), OS X (10.11), OS X (10.10)
  5. Download Drivers & Software Brother MFC-L8900CDW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Brother MFC-L3710CW

Brother MFC-L3710CW Driver Download. Basically I liked the Brother MFC-L3710CW a lot. The size and weight of the printer I found not hindering, as my last MFC printer from HP also plays in this weight class. The printer was delivered quickly and really well packed and has not been damaged by the transport. Supplied with: printer, four toners (already installed), power cable, DSL cable, CD for software installation, quick start guide and some various documents for warranty. The installation of the software was easy for a layman to do. Connecting the printer was very easy as each socket is labeled. The printer needs <30 seconds to fully boot up. I have the printer connected via a LAN cable (not included!) And can use it as a network printer. Now I can print from other premises with the device. It is also possible via an app to print via a smartphone.

The Brother MFC-L3710CW printer is very heavy and big. But makes a very good impression. Before I owned a Canon multifunction device for private use. The Brother MFC-L3730CDN is definitely a 4in1 business device for all applications and does not compare to customer devices. It can be set up very quickly, can send faxes in a few simple steps and you can easily print on your smartphone. The Brother MFC-L3710CW printer is extremely intuitive and easy to use! Unfortunately, only a power and a fax cable were included in the delivery, which is a bit poor at the price.

Brother MFC-L3710CW Printing: The toner cartridges were each filled by Brother so that they should be sufficient for about 1,000 prints. At present, original toner from Brother for about 60,00 € / piece on the market. If you opt for a Replace product, it is quite possible that the quality of the print suffers. The print is clear, both in b / w and in color. Here it must be said that the printer has a maximum resolution of 600dpi x 600dpi. This is a completely sufficient resolution for the home office. It prints quickly and comparatively quietly. Double-sided printing is automatically possible by selecting duplex printing from the printer settings. An additional feeder for stationery or other templates is available. Here you must make sure that you insert the template with both hands,

Brother MFC-L3710CW Drivers & Software Download

Brother MFC-L3710CW Driver Download

Brother MFC-L3710CW COPY / SCAN: Copying and scanning works well and quickly in similar quality as printing. Again, a duplex printing and scanning is possible, but only on the support glass. Thus, the document must be rotated by hand. Here I would have liked it better if an automatic, double-sided print / scan on the upper scan unit would work. It is possible to control the scanning via the touch screen of the printer or directly via the software on the PC. 

Brother MFC-L3710CW FAX: What do you want to say great about the fax module? My test fax arrived and I was able to send one too. Test: Passed! 

The network printer impresses with its ease of use, quiet printing, quality and speed of printing. The user has all the functions available on the market in one device. However, I think you should only buy the printer if you really do a lot of printing, scanning, copying or other. For a small business with three / four employees, the device is optimal. If you like to print as a private person and regularly (maybe photos, etc.) you should use an inkjet printer, because the quality of the images is consistently better and the devices are cheaper.

The print quality is as expected super and fast he is too. I think it's a shame that it is probably the only Brother printer to which there are no cheaper alternative toner. The original toner is of course always better, but that's already considered for about 180 ¬. Nevertheless, absolute buy recommendation from me!

  1. Download LINUX Driver Brother MFC-L3710CW
  2. Download Full Drivers & Software Brother MFC-L3710CW for Mac OS 10.14
  3. Download Full Drivers & Software Brother MFC-L3710CW for macOS (10.13), macOS (10.12), OS X (10.11)
  4. Download Full Drivers & Software Brother MFC-L3710CW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Brother HL-3040CN

Brother HL-3040CN Driver Download. A color laser printer has certainly not been a useful purchase for the home user until recently. But this Brother HL-3040CN printer scores first with an incredible price, which is still worth considering, given the - of course - subsequent costs in the form of toner cartridges. Of course, the toners are quite expensive. Even if you resort to low-priced alternatives to the original accessories, this eventually tears necessary purchase a deep hole in the wallet. But the yield of (color) pages to be printed is usually (!) Not comparable to inkjet printers. In addition, one should practice the possibility of (eg amazon described) reset function of the toner exchange message.

Granted - a laser printer certainly does not offer the photo quality, if one assumes the use of special photo paper on the ink jet. But this does not need insignificant amounts of ink, apart from their price and the price of the photo paper. I have not been printing high-quality photos for a long time at home. Simple, because I think the waiting time of 3 working days on a decent development of my photos in the drugstore my trust quite appropriate. Combined with a still much better quality than the best inkjet printer (even much more expensive) was able to offer or is.

My focus was on a printer that can stand for weeks, if not months, months without printing. Since the variant "laser" was close. No streaks, no dried-out ink cartridges or (ink-intensive) printheads to clean, no thinking about printing where necessary, so you do not stick your heads together. And that, coupled with such a tempting price. I just had to strike.

This printer makes - despite its very good price - a high-quality impression, as far as the obvious processing. It should be noted, however, that he is only able to properly exploit his strengths, if the memory is extended by 512 MB. Are another 15 - 20, - EUR. The question arises for me why one does not provide such a printer right away with a memory that makes the full (feasible) resolution of color prints possible. Hey, then it would have been the few EUR more expensive and still difficult.

After the - very simple, self-explanatory - retrofitting of the maximum possible (512 MB) memory he prints even digital photos with its highest possible resolution. Finally. This 'subtlety' would have been avoidable - simply because the printer just does not offer the possibilities attributed to it with its included - very Spartan - 32 MB.

Brother HL-3040CN Driver Download

The decor is very pleasant, a very vivid, targeted description is enclosed (in written paper) form. After inserting the toner cartridges it did not take fifteen minutes for the first test page to leave the bay - and the part was installed on the computer (in my case a Mac). The surface of the installation CD looks very tidy and useful - intuitive. The plugging of the (additionally to be acquired) Speicherriegels is also a breeze : 0. (for the very safety-conscious user) power cpl. disconnect,

1. main switch off,
2. plastic flap (on the left side of the housing),
3. remove the metal
panel, 4. snap in the storage bar,
5. replace the metal panel ,
6. plastic flap on it again,
6a. If necessary, reconnect power cord,
7. switch on.

After a short memory test, the 544 (32 + 512 summed) MB RAM are in the display. Then you can start - even large images can now finally - without blinking exclamation point and "memory full" message on the front - print.

And that can be considered quite alright, what comes on standard paper photos. It is not the main focus of a laser printer, but you can really live very well, if you do not expect authentic photo quality. This is in this case not sense of the thing, that should not go unmentioned.

The smell - certainly a criterion - is (contrary to expectations) quite bearable, even completely unspectacular. The pollutants, which probably every laser printer ejects or separates, are certainly not negligible. But in this case, I can not perceive any really annoying odor nuisance. A certain caution and a reasonable skepticism against all toner fumes of all laser printers are certainly not a mistake. It is not directly silent, but in my case no decision criterion.

Conclusion: A good, currently (?) Extremely inexpensive (color) laser printer with a very acceptable photo print quality. Set up quickly and effectively. With not inconsiderable follow-up costs, which should certainly be considered and compared.


- extremely cheap (currently?)
- decent, almost stunning, really huge packaging (the thing seems kernschlagfest packed ;-)
- very effective guide to the first use (both for Windows, and for Mac users),
- (obviously ) very high quality processed,
- intuitive operation,
- very pleasant retrofitting with (necessary) memory (maybe the maximum variant 512 MB choose),
- very appealing print image (certainly subjectively felt),
- odorless in my case (unlike some Review in the net) *


- expensive toner cartridges (if you buy the originals) **
- not really quiet
- incredibly heavy - 19kg (certainly most laser printers own),
- only by retrofitting the memory capable of the printouts, which promises its technology,
- probably (according to test reports) not pollutant-free toner,
- would be a backlit LCD screen quite nice (at this price but to cope ;-)

There are also a quite good and significantly cheaper alternatives to the original toner cartridges.


  1. Download Linux Driver Brother HL-3040CN
  2. Download Driver Brother HL-3040CN for macOS (10.13), macOS (10.12)
  3. Download Driver Brother HL-3040CN for OS X (10.11)
  4. Download Driver & Software Brother HL-3040CN for WINDOW 7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)
  5. Download Driver & Software Brother HL-3040CN for WINDOW 10/8.1/8 (32/64-bit)

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Download Driver Brother MFC-L3730CDN

Brother MFC-L3730CDN Driver Download. What's great about it is that it combines 4 functions in one device in a relatively small space: printing, copying, scanning and faxing. In addition, he does his jobs really fast and quiet. The Brother MFC-L3730CDN operation and installation is relatively self-explanatory and easy to do and also the control panel on the device can be used intuitively. I'm really happy with the scan and print results, because the quality of the scans and color laser printing is really high. There are surprisingly many sheets in the paper cassette, so you do not have to spend too much time refilling. Also praiseworthy to mention is the duplex function, which, like everything else mentioned, is uncomplicated and easy to use. 

Not a really negative point, but still important to know is the fact that the printer weighs a lot. Just keep this in mind if you live on the 5th floor, for example, or ask a friend for help with carrying and unpacking the unit. The biggest, but so far only drawback for me is that although the printer praises that you can print directly from your smartphone, but this is not quite as easy to set up in practice, as hoped. Although you can connect the printer to the home network, but not just over Wi-Fi, as I know it from most other new printers. I could imagine that it is due to the fax function (cable is included), because of many users probably place the printer next to the phone and phone jack and can integrate the printer so well via LAN cable into the network. Since I prefer to put the printer on my (far away from the Fritz box) desk, due to the frequent use of the scan and print function, I can not, in a satisfactory manner,

If one of these points does not bother you, this MFC-L3730CDN is a powerful and good multifunctional printer worth its price! Immediately, the enormous size and weight of the box was noticeable. The packaging is very stable and effectively protects against transport damage. Still, the printer is anything but a dwarf! My previous printer, an ink jet device from Epson is much more compact with almost similar functionality. Purely by design there are certainly more attractive printers, the minimalist keypad and the clear touch display, however, ensure an easy and uncomplicated operation.

Brother MFC-L3730CDN Drivers & Software Download

Brother MFC-L3730CDN Driver Download

The commissioning was very easy and user-friendly: The Brother MFC-L3730CDN printer via network cable with the Fritzbox connected, inserted the enclosed CD into the computer and durchgeklickt the installation routine, done! Only the lack of Wi-Fi connection is to complain about, in my case was not an exclusion criterion, but the product would have been well rounded since the location could have been more flexible.

As the first test print something ambitious chosen: a Photoshop graphic. And then the WOW experience, hardly any noise when printing and a really sharp, color-fast image. Although not advertised even a print on photo paper was possible. And vice versa, text photos and graphics are scanned quickly and quietly and land in excellent quality for further editing on the screen. Finally, the mobile phone functions on the "Epson iPrint & Scan" App tried and also here the same result: uncomplicated connection, and good Print and scan results. 

Extensive yet clearly arranged settings options in both the software and the printer itself, make the device to a worry-free package which I can recommend at any time. Overall the Brother MFC-L3730CDN printer is compact and the build quality is excellent. The moving parts of the printer, such as the fold-out paper tray at the top, are very stable. Visually, I like the printer very well and fits in the private area as well as in the office. Setting up the device is self-explanatory and easy from PC, laptop and phone via WLAN possible. 

The Brother MFC-L3730CDN print quality leaves nothing to be desired, for text documents, graphics and images, the resolution is very good. Impressive I find the printing speed, this is very fast in the black and white print and equally fast in the color print. Scan, copy, e-mail and fax works smoothly. My conclusion: I am pleased that I have chosen this Brother MFC-L3730CDN and I am 100% satisfied.

  1. Download Linux Driver Brother MFC-L3730CDN
  2. Download Drivers & Software Brother MFC-L3730CDN for Mac OS 10.14
  3. Download Drivers & Software Brother MFC-L3730CDN for macOS (10.13), macOS (10.12), OS X (10.11)
  4. Download Drivers & Software Brother MFC-L3730CDN for Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 7 SP1 (32bit), Windows 7 SP1 (64bit)

Download Driver Brother HL-3270CDW

Brother HL-3270CDW Driver Download. For a long time I have flirted with a laser printer, because I have the cartridges hanging out to the neck, but I was not aware that this can also print in color and therefore have not bought. But now the time has come: I have the thing! It was pleasing to see that the Brother completely dispensed with cumbersome double packaging: it was sent directly to the carton. in it also hardly any packaging waste only Styrofoam to secure the printer, as well as some cardboard box in which the instructions were, as well as a foil to printer and cable. Since some companies can look something off.

- Color Laser Printer incl. Toner Cartridges 
- Operating Instructions 
- CD 
- Power Cable

Then it went to unpack: The Brother HL-3270CDW printer is really compared to other standard models SAU Heavy, but that's not bad because the more he has made for me a stable high-quality impression. After studying the manual for a short time, I have followed their short flush instruction: All possible fuses (plastic glue) have been removed from the printer. The toner cartridges were already in use. Then I filled the paper tray and there is really neat what fits in! Then fix the network plug plugged in and off you go. After a short warm-up phase, which runs almost silently, the printer is ready to go.

After the connection via PC thanks to the enclosed CD was self-explanatory, I ventured to the WLAN function to print on my mobile phone data. Since everything is only in English on the 1-line display, this is not so easy. But, who reads the instructions exactly, quickly realizes that the printer almost automatically searches for available networks and then you only have to enter its WLAN password. I only needed a little bit longer, because I meant to do it without instructions. 

Brother HL-3270CDW Drivers & Software Download

Brother HL-3270CDW Driver Download

My mobile phone found the printer without grumbling. 

Then it went to the test run: 
- Texts and fonts, no matter if B/W or color are printed sharp 
- photos are also in a super quality and no comparison to inkjet printers

Small But: 
- From the print job on the phone to the expression takes a considerable amount of time (easy 1-3 minutes) 
- The printer can really just "print" - at least a function to copy would be useful in my opinion. 

If you really only want to print and never have to copy something: For the printer is optimal. Even with only a few copying effort, one can bypass the missing function by photographing the desired document with the mobile phone and then printing it out. Personally, I'm still interested in the longevity of a toner cartridge, but I'll find out only in the long-term test.

Brother HL-3270CDW Driver & Installation:
After I had the printer (I did not know that weighs so much) up the stairs and unpacked. The installation was breeze. Connect the printer to the mains. CD in laptop and you were led through the installation. Directly to the website, where a download link was ready for the printer. Installed. Then I set up the WLAN on the keys directly at the printer and already it could go off. Also, I think it's great that a crisp easy-to-understand quick guide is there, since everything important is brought together on the point. Thus, I can say that it is hardly feasible to make a mistake, it is said so easy. 

First pressure test: The first print attempt went quickly. My old printer took forever and the Brother is briefly loaded and zack the sheet is there. I found that great. I was also impressed that the printer is really very quiet and the print result is amazing. The colors radiate properly. After printing, warming up from hibernation is appropriate, it only takes a few seconds. 

Conclusion: For home use, the Brother HL-3270CDW printer is great and I think for my home office, it will be a faithful companion. Even if he only has the function of printing. For my purposes, this is perfect. The purchase price is consistent and appropriate Also, the 3-year warranty I find a successful service.

  1. Download LINUX Driver Brother HL-3270CDW
  2. Download Full Drivers & Software Brother HL-3270CDW for Mac OS 10.14
  3. Download Full Drivers & Software Brother HL-3270CDW for macOS 10.13, macOS 10.12, OS X 10.11
  4. Download Full Drivers & Software Brother HL-3270CDW for Windows 10 (32-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 7 SP1 (32bit), Windows 7 SP1 (64bit), Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit), Windows Server 2012 (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 (32-bit), Windows Server 2008 (64-bit)

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Download Driver Brother MFC-L2740DW

Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver Download. The MFC-L2740DW is equipped with a duplex ADF with dual CIS scanning unit. Documents that are inserted into this Automatic Document Feeder, can thus be simultaneously scanned from above and below. Thus, the manual turning over a two-sided document deleted. This saves time and simplifies the workflow tremendously. The duplex printing unit also ensures that documents can also be printed on both sides. Thus the MFC functionality (print, copy, scan and fax) also perform duplex.

Brother MFC-L2740DW Printer Driver Download
The Brother MFC-L2740DW is equipped with a generous 250-sheet paper tray. Thus the frequent paper refilling is omitted even for larger print jobs. At the same time, the cassette protects your paper before dusting and yellowing caused by direct exposure to light. In addition to the paper cassette has the MFC L2740DW a single sheet feeder. In addition, you can easily use envelopes, having to remove specific types of paper or thicker media without the default paper from the paper tray. Stronger media can be printed without deflection through the straight paper path. The term of the first page in less than 8.5 seconds and a high print speed of up to 30 pages / min ensure. That you will not miss any deadline. Use services like Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print to print the most common file types from compatible applications directly from your smartphone or tablet from. With the Brother iPrint & Scan app to print supported file types also without going to the computer.

Brother MFC-L2740DW Software Driver Download
Download Driver Brother MFC-L2740DW

Driver Brother MFC-L2740DW Download
10/100 Ethernet and BaseTX modern 802.11n wireless technology allows the seamless integration into existing infrastructures. The PCL6 and PostScript 3 emulations and support Barcode allow maximum compatibility with ERP systems such as SAP. About the 6.8 cm touchscreen access to all functions of the MFC L2740DW quickly and easily. In addition, it facilitates the installation and administration of the device considerably. For example, the user can access directly via the display on various cloud services. With the MFC-L2740DW You can scan documents and store them directly into the cloud services Box, Dropbox, Evernote Google DriveTM & OneDrive. You have also localfreely access to the information, which is also can share easily through these services.

Download Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver
The multifunction device has been awarded the Blue Angel (RAL-UZ 171) as a resource-efficient, low-noise and low emissions. He is also certified with the Energy Star as a particularly energy-efficient. Intelligent solutions such as toner save mode and the separate replaceable toner / drum system protect the environment and at the same time your wallet. The MFC-L2740DW is equipped with a duplex ADF with dual CIS scanning unit. Documents that are inserted into this Automatic Document Feeder, can thus be simultaneously scanned from above and below. Thus, the manual turning over a two sided document deleted. Yeah this saves time and simplifies the workflow tremendously. The duplex printing unit also ensures that documents can also be printed on both sides. Thus the MFC functionality (print, copy, scan and fax) also perform duplex.


  1. Download Driver Installer Brother MFC-L2740DW for Linux OS
  2. Download Full Driver Brother MFC-L2740DW for Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11
  3. Download Full Driver Brother MFC-L2740DW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32/64-bit)

Download Driver Brother MFC-J265W

Brother MFC-J265W Driver Download. I have years of experience as a former computer technician. So far I have had little to do with Brother himself (I still have a Brother HL-1030 black and white laser). I've never had a printer that was easier to install than this Brother MFC-J265W! Neither an "Epson Stylus 895 Photo", which I had previously used, nor an Epson Stylus Office BX305FW, which I recently installed a friend (I'm desperate in the installation, could be installed only after I connected it via USB ), this printer can only approximately reach the water.

This could be installed immediately over the WLAN, at the printer even by touch screen menu only the network password entered and that's it already. Printer is ready. The print quality is outstanding, even on the cheapest plain paper, for this price, but you should set in the printer settings from "Normal" to "Fine" to achieve this good result. After I have already printed some pictures filling DIN A4 pages (the paper is then only slightly damp and dries very quickly), is only about 1/4 of the ink tanks consumed. That seems absolutely appropriate to me.

The Brother MFC-J265W scanner also brings very good results, previously had a separate "Canon CanoScan LiDE 70", which has not done much better. The fax (output) itself, I have not yet tested, but what I like here (at the entrance) particularly good: If you hang a phone on the same line, the printer takes after a selectable number of ringtones from the listener, listen into the line purely and if he does not recognize a fax he gives the signal to this telephone, so that one can accept also normal discussions. Of course, you do not have to wait that long for the fax to pick up, you can pick up the call (if that's one) on the phone yourself, but then you run the risk of having to talk to a fax, I suppose then you just have to press the start button and the fax comes in. So the Brother MFC-J265W printer very good and above all inexpensive complete solution for private households and / or smaller companies!

Brother MFC-J265W Drivers & Software Download

Brother MFC-J265W Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother MFC-J265W for Window, Mac and Linux
The Brother MFC-J265W can print, scan, copy and fax, is Windows7-enabled and supports Wi-Fi. I save the technical details. Although they contributed significantly to my purchase decision, but can easily be found on the homepage of brother or the item description of the seller.

Now to the actual review: Until half an hour ago I had a brother MFC-215C in use, with which I was very satisfied. I never had any problems with it. Although Brother gives a 3-year warranty on his equipment, but I personally do not know anyone who had to take the time. In short: I was reluctant to separate. But that is already half an hour ago: In the meantime, the MFC-J265W has been integrated into the WLAN network (that was the reason for the change), registered online, installed the software on computer and laptop (both Windows 7) and it prints super fast, quiet and qualitatively convincing.

Since I'm female, blond and IT technically - let's say "unaware", that's really a great achievement from brother's developers and programmers. RESPECT! (Why does not Microsoft have people like that too ) wait a minute, kudos to the authors of the installation guide! The few pages are so well thought out and understandable that I have not even unpacked the manual.

Even setting up the fax function would not be a problem if the printer were near me with the socket.But since I'm on the way via cable (TV, telephone & Internet flatrate) with access point in the living room, but the printer should rather stand in the study, I have to think about something else. (Use as a PC fax ???).

I chose a Brother machine primarily because I already have another Brother machine in my second household (MFC 235-C) and I am very satisfied. Also with this device I am very satisfied and it does the problems in my "average household" tasks (mainly and often print, sporadically fax, occasionally scan, occasionally copy) without problems. Photos are not printed in my households.

What I find very positive:
- Multifunction (printing, copying, scanning, faxing)
- WLAN function
Value for money - Separate ink cartridges
- Easy to use
- The Brother Control Center, with z. For example, the PC-Fax function. You can z. B. create a Word document on the PC and without printing it out as a fax.
- Beautiful design
- 3 year warranty when registering with Brother

Negativ is noticeable:
- The relatively small paper supply that you can load (about 30-40 sheets). This I already knew from the MFC 235-C and I have arranged with it.

I miss: The Brother MFC-J265W comes with a document feeder when scanning or copying, ie you can only scan one sheet at a time (and then only one side) in succession or print and not a stack of sheets. But there are also differently equipped devices from Brother. I had consciously decided against it, since it only happens to me sporadically that I have to scan or copy more than one sheet and a document feeder makes a device, of course, more expensive. I do not consciously go into all the functions of the device here - these can be found in the device description. Conclusion: For my household, it is an all-rounder device, which achieves good results and has a good price-performance ratio for me.


Download Driver Brother HL-3070CW

Brother HL-3070CW Driver Download. The Brother HL-3070CW boasts a host of connectivity options rarely found on entry-level printers, including Pictbridge and Wlan. But the printing costs are far too high. With the HL-3040CN and HL-3070CW models, the Japanese manufacturer Brother is entering the color printing market for the first time with LED technology. This goes hand in hand with a more compact design and fewer moving parts. The GDI * 1 base model HL-3040CN can be controlled via USB and network, the higher-quality HL-3070CW has just about 50 euros more in addition to a Pictbridge interface and USB direct printing. Wlan is integrated and the printer languages ​​PCL6 and Postscript are included. More on this page paper handling, interfaces and operation of this test.

Both devices are entry-level models and can not be extended by a duplex unit for automatic two-sided printing or another paper cassette, so they are rather designed for low print volumes. Brother gives the devices a three-hour, 48-hour on-site warranty. The test is the Brother HL-3070CW, which is for about 350 euros (RRP) in the trade.

The HL-3070CW is surprisingly well equipped for a beginner device: Wlan and printing of memory cards can hardly be found here. There are also three years on-site warranty and the "Blue Angel" certificate. In addition, he prints true to the document according to PTSexternal link. That sounds good and nice. But the printing costs are so high that one should consider carefully to buy this printer.

Brother HL-3070CW Drivers & Software Download
Brother HL-3070CW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-3070CW for Window, Mac and Linux
On the ink market, there are significantly cheaper devices that are now synonymous with the printing costs are not so high book - see page " The printing costs " in this review. The paper cassette can hold up to 250 sheets (picture left), the media weights should be between 60 and 105 g / m². A locking device against accidental withdrawal does not exist, either you have it in your hand, or it falls to the ground.

In the multi-purpose tray (right) you can only insert one sheet at a time, it handles media weights up to 163g / m² and also processes envelopes and labels, but no transparencies . There is no optional second paper cassette. The duplex printing is only possible if you turn the sheets by hand. In the driver there is an illustrated manual. The paper tray should hold 100 sheets. A sensor for limiting the recording is not available. But after about 50 to 60 prints, it can happen that the sheets push each other out of the bin and fall to the ground (picture left).

If you open the flap on the back of the printer, the media is output here. But with the format A4 (picture right) is missing a sufficiently large catching device. Brother recommends this output tray for thick paper, labels, and envelopes. The HL-3070CW can be controlled via USB and network (picture left). In addition, he can operate on wifi. On the front is an interface for Pictbridge or USB stick (picture right).

This USB slot also supports the Pictbridge standard. Digital cameras can be connected with a suitable cable, even if they are not in the Pictbridge mode or are not intended for this standard. The printer will recognize it as a normal storage device. Also, the connection of a multi-format memory card reader is easily possible (right picture).

The printable formats are

  1. PDF
  2. JPEG
  3. XPS * 1

Other formats such as PRN or TIFF will only recognize the device if they have been scanned or created with Brother products. Since only the name of the file to be printed appears on the display, including only eight numbers or letters, it is very useful to name files with a well recognizable name. Helpful here is the index print, of all files in a folder or in the root directory. The index also prints the name of files with a format unknown to the printer.

Installing the driver for wireless data transfer is very easy. This is especially easy if you have previously operated the device over a network. After installing the wi-fi driver, unplug only the network cable and then wirelessly run the Brother HL-3070CW. Driver installation without a network cable is also uncomplicated, but takes much longer. For secure data transfer (encryption), Brother offers a variety of methods, up to 64 user IDs and up to 32-character passwords. The Brother HL-3070CW has a clear driver (picture on the right) that works with two tabs and still offers easy access to all functions.

The control panel
The control panel consists of a single-line backlit display (left), a navigation menu menu (center) and three buttons (right). The display is only reasonably readable if you stand exactly vertically in front of it. If you sit in front of you as a wheelchair user, there is nothing to read. And if you stand directly above the printer, nothing is synonymous. No good solution. With the navigation system (middle) can be easily scroll through the menu, if necessary, the data can be easily printed. The review sample has a comprehensive security package that can be configured through the IP address of the printer.


Download Driver Brother HL-2230

Brother HL-2230 Driver Download. After about 2 weeks on various test pages I have been looking for a new printer and very long prices, follow-up costs, toner costs, etc. have compared, I noticed the Brother HL-2030. For the affordable price of 109, - Euro and you can not complain. So I ordered on Friday. Next Tuesday he was already there, including the new toner to be ordered (the delivery includes toner for about 1500 pages!). I just wanted to have something in reserve.

I unpacked this Brother HL-2230, set it up and set up the operating instructions. In this case very important, because you can not connect the USB cable yet! The decor was very easy. It is shown on the DVD in the form of an animated sequence. Who does not create it is your own fault. Everything went smoothly. The first test print looked very good. After everything was installed I printed out some sample pages. For a laser in this price range amazingly good. No toner mist on letters and the graphics are also very good. Everything at a resolution of 600 dpi.

Let's get to the follow-up costs. New toner cost about 45-50 euros and enough for about 2000-2500 pages. That's good on average. The drum holds about 12000 pages. In comparison to other manufacturers midfield, although of course you have to get there first. At a price of about 70, - € for the drum should be after 12000 pages consider perhaps a new printer to buy. He comes back with the Startertoner and is as I said completely new. I think the prices will also adapt here a bit. But for my used (applications, letters, smaller graphics) should hold the drum so 2-3 years. Furthermore, it should be said that the company. Brother in comparison to all manufacturers a guarantee for 3 years in Germany. Fabulous for this price range! It's a nice thing if a manufacturer of his product is convinced. Compare only HP with a warranty of one year. I'll never understand that at entry prices from 300, - Euro!

Brother HL-2230 Driver & Software Download
Brother HL-2230 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-2230 for Window, Mac and Linux
Unfortunately, my previous speakers also listed some negative pages of this printer. Added to this would be the volume and waviness of the paper. The following: A laser printer is louder than an inkjet lamp. If you can not handle it, you better leave your mark. When printing the Brother reaches a volume of about 45-50db. High-quality printers can not do that better. After printing, only the fan of the printer is audible. Comparable with a high-quality PC Netzteil.Wen that still bothers, who can operate the separate off switch and hears nothing more. In addition I have to say that this fan of course after a certain cooling time of 5 min. turns itself off.

The waviness of the paper: I do not know a laser printer that makes no wavy prints. For physical reasons, the moisture of the paper is vaporized during printing (hot laser stop). This will make it a bit wavy. But it gets better the longer the paper is. I print with 80g paper from a well-known manufacturer. Also sufficient for applications.

Here, the choice of paper is decisive for the paper quality after printing. So you should not look at 50 cents. Nevertheless, you can reach a good quality for homecoming even with cheap paper.
In conclusion, I can say so much:

- Cheap entry-level laser with decent print quality even with graphics 
- 3 years warranty!
- Clear follow-up costs (I was just tired of constantly looking for cheap cartridges.
- Fast pressure 

The missing USB cable is a drawback, but I have not seen any manufacturer, which attaches a USB cable. So who can live with prints in black and white, I can only recommend this printer to buy. My personal price-performance winner!!! Here you can without hesitation 5 stars for this Brother HL-2230!


Download Driver Brother DCP-J152W

Brother DCP-J152W Driver Download. I was looking for a copier that is easy to use and low maintenance (ink!) and with which one can print texts / letters via Android tab. I accidentally came across this device and was surprised that the label of the keys in German was - first plus. The price of 79 euros was also good - second plus. Now I just had to find out how expensive the inks are (of course no originals) - and lo and behold: with 2 to 3 euros the piece ideal - third plus point. I bought the Brother DCP-J152W drove it home and unpacked it. First the numerous adhesive strips had to be removed and then I was looking forward to the ink cartridges.

To be on the safe side, look at the manual again, switch on the printer and wait for the message in the easy-to-read black and white display to put the ink cartridges in place. The ink cartridges have a very idiosyncratic design, but their handling is very easy. Assuming you have previously familiarized yourself with the same in the manual. Also good, but difficult to recognize, are the pressed-in letters for the respective color. With the help of a white edding you simply draw the letters and then a confusion is almost impossible.

ATTENTION: DO NOT DISCARD the fuse from the printhead !!!
And as always: a lot of plastic waste. There are on the one hand the bags in which the cartridges were and on the other the plastic "screws" (I just call them that way), which you have to "turn off" before inserting the ink cartridges.

Brother DCP-J152W Drivers & Software Download

Brother DCP-J152W Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother DCP-J152W for Window, Mac and Linux
The insertion of the ink was clean and easy. The important thing is that you do not misjudge the cartridges and JUST inserted and with a gentle pressure on the "CLICK!" waiting. Ink is inside - now the printer is running according to the instructions for about 5 minutes until it is ready for a first printout.

In the meantime, I have accepted the W-LAN connection. Despite multiple login via network key or IP address, I could not overwrite the printer. Talk about printing, although the new printer as "active" in the network (AVM Fritz box) was to be seen. Even the use of various apps such as iPrint or PrinterShare did not help. Although the printer was available for selection, I could not elicit a wireless expression.

Fortunately, I had a USB adapter for my Android tab. I just had to connect the tab to the printer. And now it gets interesting: with this printer, USB port is INSIDE the case! Yes, you saw right IN THE INSIDE. All you have to do is fold the top part of the printer up, connect the USB cable and lead outwards in the specified cable duct. Finished!

The Brother DCP-J152W printing via USB worked right away. The copying too. Color copies were ok too. I used the setting STANDARD and plain white copy paper (80g). Thus, this printer, which is now mainly to do its job as a copier, has met all criteria important to me. Two things that I did not like so much:

That would be the lid, which makes no stable impression and then there would be the paper tray. The filling is very good, but the automatic sheet feeder is not exactly trustworthy and I am waiting for the first paper jam, but all that is subjective.

Conclusion: Price and performance are good to very good, German panel labeling! and for 79 eurosyou can not and should not expect a high end product. It will show how Brother DCP-J152W beats in the coming weeks and months. I think: RECOMMENDED!


Download Driver Brother DCP-L3550CDW

Brother DCP-L3550CDW Driver Download. Looking for a new printer, I came across this 3in1 multifunction printer DCP-L3550CDW from Brother. My old printer did not print well anymore, as there were stains and creases on both upper corners when printing. The order went very fast. Already the next day the supplier rang my bell. The entire package already weighed about 24Kg? and was very nice firmly + stably packed. Since the printer does not have to change place every day and has its fixed place, the weight in the unpacked state of about 22 kg does not bother me at all. The dimensions are 410 x 368 x 475 mm (W x H x D). The design is similar to almost all printers → an old gray, which in turn makes the device seem old-fashioned. Nevertheless, this is no obstacle to buy this device because I am convinced of the print quality.

After unpacking, I carefully checked all corners and removed the tape / plastic particles. In addition to the printer, a power cable, software on CD, documentation and the color (already installed) are included in the delivery. In addition, this device comes with a 3-year on-site warranty. If you do not have the documentation at hand, you can easily find it online and download it. The Brother DCP-L3550CDW drivers installation was quite quick, because the documentation is easy to understand and user-friendly. It is a quick guide with pictures and a detailed instructions enclosed. The device via cable was very fast. This was tested on the operating system for Windows 10 and Windows 7.

I had small problems with the setting up of the functions over WLAN, since I installed here a WLAN bridge and this could not establish a connection during the installation. For this reason, I disconnected my WLAN bridge from the power and was thus able to continue the installation quickly and finish it. Using the features over Wi-Fi is convenient, as the printer does not need to be connected to a cable with multiple computers, laptops, or smartphones. Thus, anyone who has registered on the network, access it and you have not lying around everywhere cables. If problems occur during installation, the printer will print error messages with solution notes directly. However, you will also find in the manual immediately, looking for solutions to problems. In order to control the printing functions via the smartphone, the APP has to be downloaded from Brother on the smartphone. This is also very simple and user-friendly.

The operation and handling of the printer is very clear. With a push of a button on the power button, the printer starts up in less than 28 seconds and is ready to use. By holding down the power button, the printer can be shut down again. 

Brother DCP-L3550CDW Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Brother DCP-L3550CDW

In addition, the device brings a lot of features, such as. B print, scan and copy. You can not fax with this device. I do not use the fax and that's why I do not think so bad.

The technology consists of electrophotographic LED color printer and the print resolution creates up to 2,400 x 600 dpi. You can load 250 sheets of plain paper, thin paper, thick paper, recycled sheet feeder: plain paper, thin paper, thick paper, thicker paper, recycled paper, stationery, glossy paper, envelopes, A4 size labels into the paper cassette. The printing process is very quiet and creates up to 18 pages per minute in black and white and color. With the automatic duplex printing setting, the sheets can be printed on both sides, with up to 6 pages per minute, in black and white and color. While printing with the driver function you can set how many pages should be printed on one paper (eg 2, 4, 9, 16 or 25 pages on one sheet). In addition, the printer can print watermark, booklet or poster printing, so 1 image can be printed on 4, 9, 16 or 25 pages. With Web Connect documents can be printed or scanned in cloud services such as google Drive.

The scanner is a type of CIS contact image sensor and provides up to 2400 x 1200 dpi optical. The color depth and grayscale create 48 bits internally and 24 bits externally / 256. The scanned documents can be stored directly as attachments in emails, folders, texts, FTP, Sharepoint etc. During the scanning function, the sizes and resolutions can be adjusted. I find it particularly good that here also the scanning function Auto can be selected to B. Scan smaller documents immediately to the actual size. In addition, a new storage location can be created and selected directly after the scan. The scan flap is movable, so thicker folders or books can be scanned here. The copy resolution has 600 x 600 dpi. The LC display shows 2 lines of 16 characters on the display. The pressure can be increased or decreased in each case in 1% steps between 25% to 400%.

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  2. Download Full Drivers Brother DCP-L3550CDW for MacOS 10.14
  3. Download Full Drivers Brother DCP-L3550CDW for macOS 10.13, macOS 10.12, OS X 10.11
  4. Download Full Drivers Brother DCP-L3550CDW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)