DOSS SoundBox Pro Review, Firmware and Manual Download

DOSS SoundBox Pro Review, Firmware and Manual Download

DOSS SoundBox Pro Review, Firmware and Manual Download

Download Manual and Firmware for DOSS SoundBox Pro Windows OS.
 I originally ordered this DOSS SoundBox Pro speaker because my Echo Dot has a very unpleasant sound. When I then connected the two devices together, I immediately noticed that the box has more to offer than others for this small price. The sound is great, the bass is neither too exaggerated nor too dull, just perfect. I also like the operation by touch, a light touch is enough.

DOSS SoundBox Pro Review

Overall, I'm super satisfied with the DOSS SoundBox Pro, it has a lot on it for a small price, I don't feel ripped off at all or anything. I would definitely prefer this DOSS SoundBox Pro to a JBL loudspeaker because it's smarter, better, and cheaper.

For just 25 euros, the DOSS SoundBox Pro offers a very good sound, even in the bass range (which is technically possible given the size). Above all, it was important to me that you can insert a micro SD card. But be careful. Unfortunately, it is not clear from the description whether the card must be inserted with the writing or the contacts facing up.

I tried the writing up and the card got so stuck in the slot that I couldn't get it out. It doesn't look out an inch either. I didn't want to use tools (knife, screwdriver). I sent the sender an email to point this out and described the problem to him. What do I have to say, I promptly received a replacement. After I inserted another card the right way around, everything works fine. Again, my warmest thanks to the great customer service.

DOSS SoundBox Pro Storage

So when using the SD card function, make sure that the contacts on the card are facing up. To say it in advance, I have no comparisons with other devices. I had seen a Bluetooth soundbox live for the first time months ago at a friend's house and was very impressed.

After some optical, price and review comparisons, I ended up with this sound box. I hear a lot and very different music on a tablet, especially since the 5.1 sound system on my TV is not really suitable for playing CDs and the tablet provides me with different collections so that I don't have to constantly change CDs . The speakers on my tablet don't really work either.

What a treat is the DOSS SoundBox!

The first pairing via Bluetooth is simple, as are the other pairings for playing the music. The DOSS SoundBox Pro connect automatically. The sound and volume are great, I am satisfied. Since I don't have a comparison, I cannot give either positive or negative feedback.

Pairing also works with other devices, such as my smartphone or Chromebook, but I've only rarely used it so far, not at all with my smartphone.

Unlike other reviewers, I find the acknowledgment tones when switching on and off quite pleasant. Especially if the device switches itself off after 15 or 20 minutes if it no longer receives a signal. I will then know about his "condition". The volume control is unfamiliar and takes a bit of getting used to, but nevertheless easy to use.

The size of the box is very pleasant for me, both optically and haptically (can be grasped well) and I am surprised every time how much sound comes out of such a relatively small device / box.

Since I listen to music for many hours a day, I have to recharge the box every three to four days. To do this, I easily connect it to the charging cable of my smartphone so that the cable supplied can remain in the delivery box - as a reserve.

DOSS SoundBox Pro Travel

We use this box on vacation to listen to music on the beach or in our mobile home. The box is ideal for this. The workmanship is very high quality and the sound quality is very good. The music is clear and the bass is fine too. Of course, the bass cannot be compared to a decent subwoofer sound system or expensive devices from premium brands, but this box is recommended for normal music enjoyment.

I ordered the box because my tray doesn't get any usable sound. The sound box sounds good. The volume is amazing for such a small device. Music is also reproduced well, even bass is included. The Bluetooth connection works perfectly. A transport bag, USB connection for charging and a connection cable for the Line In input are included. The so-called background lighting for the soft-touch keys is quite bright. I don't yet know the total running time exactly, but the box has been in operation for two days now. So far, clear buy recommendation.

Conclusion for DOSS SoundBox Pro

Who would have thought that such a super clear, bass-filled sound could come out of a small black box. My rule of thumb when it comes to boxing is: the heavier the better! This is fully true here. You can tell from the actual weight of the SoundBox that there is a lot of quality behind it. The SoundBox Pro is solidly made and makes a real alarm.

This box is taken anywhere where there is an increased risk of theft, falls, etc. For this price it has a really very good, sufficient and loud sound.

At home in the garden I have the slightly higher quality and larger Xtreme. I use both about the same amount, so I can say that (although I attach great importance to good sound) this box is perfectly suited as a portable "go anywhere box"!

I bought the soundbox less than two months ago. The DOSS SoundBox Pro sound is great, I really enjoyed it. It's handy and small, you can take it with you to the different rooms in the apartment if you want. The Bluetooth connection works quickly and easily, and handling is generally pleasant.

I think this one is beautiful and simple, charging is also easy. The battery also lasts quite a long time and does not affect the quality. Only at the very end, when the battery is already weak (and the device is already flashing) there is a noticeable loss of quality. But that was also just before the battery was completely empty, so understandable.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to switch the device on since yesterday. I didn't use it any differently than before, I also fully charged the battery again so that it couldn't be because of that. When I try to switch on the device, the buttons (except for the blue circle) light up as long as I press the button, but nothing happens. Unfortunately, the sound box cannot be used. Since that happened after such a short time, I am not very happy and can therefore not give a good rating.

I'm really excited, just great quality! It doesn't matter whether it's relatively quiet or really loud, the sound is great and the connection via Bluetooth is established very quickly! Simply great and highly recommended!

DOSS SoundBox Pro Firmware and Manual Download

DOSS SoundBox Pro Manual

DOSS SoundBox Pro Firmware

Tecknet Hypertrak Gaming Mouse Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

Tecknet Hypertrak Gaming Mouse Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

Tecknet Hypertrak Gaming Mouse Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

Tecknet Hypertrak Gaming Mouse, install, manual, review, Driver and Software Download for WindowsI bought the mouse for my office. I've been using it for a little over half a year now. The mouse has been in continuous use for 8 hours and has never failed so far. It is very comfortable and looks great. It's not too flashy, but still looks very special. My discount store battery has still been in my mouse for six months. I guess that means this cordless mouse is very energy efficient.

I also know a little about gaming mice and bought them because of their recessions and the price and I have to say, I did not expect this Tecknet Hypertrak quality for the low price.

Tecknet Hypertrak Review

It feels very high quality and is easy to use. The weight is okay, but could also be made variable with additional weights.

I also think that it is battery-operated, so I save myself constant charging. I bought the Tecknet mouse because my old mouse with cable connection had given up its ghost and I wanted a wireless alternative. The mouse feels great in the hand and is easy to use. Thanks to two buttons behind the mouse wheel, you can easily adjust the DPI. The battery life is also great, as the mouse automatically switches off when not in use, thus saving battery.

The Tecknet Hypertrak mouse lies very comfortably in the hand and glides extremely easily. The space between the floor and the buttons on the left is tight for my thumb (I have a rather large thumb), so it can happen that you accidentally press the button when you lift the mouse up to reposition it.

Tecknet Hypertrak Gaming Mouse Product Specification:

  1. DPI Resolution: 500/1000/2000/4000
  2. No. of Buttons: 10
  3. Programmable: Yes
  4. Extra Weight: 6PCS, Each 4g
  5. LED light: Changeable

But does not affect the general functionality. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable. The automatic shutdown when not in use is ingenious. The integrated blue light around the rotary knob (center button) is really stylish, as is the entire appearance. Conclusion 5 stars and buy recommendation.

The Tecknet Hypertrak mouse offers everything you really need. No more and no less. It is very comfortable and usually looks good. I am glad to have gotten rid of the tangled cables and the connection via USB works perfectly so far.

The mouse has a switch so you can turn off the mouse manually, which I think is good! In general, the price-performance ratio is very good and I can highly recommend the mouse, especially because of the additional buttons. Of course it doesn't have any super special functions, but that wasn't expected either.

It is now the 3rd mouse that I have acquired in a short time. The first was ordered with a cable for the computer. Then I ordered 2 identical mice for the two laptops as wireless mice. All 3 do a perfect job. They are easy to hold. Are not too easy.

Tecknet Hypertrak Connection

Connection is child's play and without complications, and the mice react without delay. Several speeds can be set. Due to the 2.4GH technology, the mice can operate 2 separate computers in the immediate vicinity. The price is great too. Visually, these mice are available with different lighting. Red and blue. I can only recommend these mice.

Didn't want to spend too much so Logitech etc. dropped out. My desktop mouse is a Microsoft Tech Mouse because I do a lot of video editing. This mouse does not come close to MS in terms of functions, but is just as convenient.

Have normal hands and can work comfortably with the mouse. Looks good and is precise, 5 stars from me.

Tecknet Hypertrak Driver, Software and Manual Download


DescriptionCurrent VersionPrevious VersionAction
User Manual  Click to download
User ManualHypertrak User Manual Click to download
Device driverV1.0This software will NOT work for V2 mouse.Click to download
Device driverV2.0V2 mouse is pictured above, please only choose this software if you have this mouse.Click to download
TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse, install, manual, review, Driver and Software Download for Windows. Everyone knows it, as soon as you have bought a new mouse, it will break in the next few months or up to a year. At least that's always been the case with me. That's why I bought a cheaper one this time, with the expectation that it would soon go on its knees again.

Wrong thought! I've been using the mouse for a year now and I have to say I'm thrilled. In my opinion, the accuracy and battery consumption are still the same as on the first day. The connection to the notebook is always stable and it is also pleasant to use.

I only used the highest DPI setting very reluctantly, as the accuracy is significantly lower compared to other manufacturers and you hardly ever get to where you want to go with the pointer.

I mainly use the mouse for office or image editing tasks, but games that need quick changes of direction are also no problem. I am happy to have made this purchase and would definitely buy it again.

TeckNet Raptor Review & Spec

I was only used to gaming mice before I bought a laptop, so I was pretty meticulous when choosing. Sensitivity 1000 to 3600 DPI adjustable in 4 levels, from 6 to 666 years and from Word to Call of Duty something for every person and every purpose. If not in use, it will automatically turn off after a few minutes, but it also has a physical switch. LED on or off possible, gives either optics or energy efficiency.

  1. The shape is ergonomic, every hand can do something with it.
  2. The sensor gets along well with any surface.
  3. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable.

Two small drawbacks: the double-click button on the thumb. Bad placement. Placed clearly better on the left edge of the mouse. And only 2 buttons on the side and not 5. But since not everyone usually plays real-time strategy and simulators and uses construction programs, this is of no concern for most people.

This TeckNet Raptor mouse is just fantastic!

It does everything it should and feels incredibly good in the hand. Even small hands can handle it very well. You can switch the light on, but you don't have to switch it on. The receiver can be stowed away wonderfully in the mouse.

Also a huge compliment to the seller! Initial problems and difficulties were resolved immediately. The seller is very helpful and accommodating! Would only give additional stars for that. Unfortunately not possible. Igot this as my birthday gift, directly use fresh out of the package and just works like i would expect it to be!

I am not a crazy gamer like you, but i use the forward and backward button frequently, would have been perfect if the double click button located on top instead of the side. i dont have a big palm nor long thumb not a tall guy you see which makes if i want to use the double button i had to adjust my grip, therefore the location of double click button on the side is a bit useless to me. however i am not complaining because i am not a gamer.

TeckNet Raptor Conclusion

For a long time I was reluctant to use a cordless mouse, but after using another wireless mouse for a short time because I forgot mine, I tried it again with a wireless mouse.

I decided on this one spontaneously. and was rewarded with a surprisingly good mouse at an affordable price. Whether for office applications or for gaming, this mouse is a pleasure. Lies well in the hand and is easy to grip.

TeckNet Raptor Driver and Manual Download


DescriptionCurrent VersionAction
User ManualFor WM389Click to download
Device DriversFor WM389Click to download
Device DriversFor WM389 V3Click to download
VictSing PC109 Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

VictSing PC109 Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

VicySing PC109 Driver, Manual and Software Download For Windows

VictSing PC109 Gaming Mouse, install, manual, review, Driver and Software Download for Windows.
 With initially low expectations. At first I thought that I can't expect anything for the price of just over 8 €. I was taught something completely different. I've been using this mouse for over half a year now and I'm completely satisfied. I didn't have to change the battery yet, it still lasts.

VictSing PC109 Use:

I personally use this mouse for office applications, on the Internet and otherwise for things that a mouse has to do. I don't use them for first person shooters like CS: GO or anything like that. So it's not a gaming mouse for me, but I also use it in computer games, e.g. for menu navigation, etc.

In the truck simulator or when flying in FSX, it serves me well. The mouse is used a lot every day and is not always operated gently.

VictSing PC109 Quality:

The quality is unmatched for this price. It feels very high quality and the keys also feel very good. The pressure point is very comfortable and the mouse wheel is not too easy.

There is no wear and tear, the mouse still looks like it did six months ago. She also survived several falls from the table unscathed.

VictSing PC109 Function:

The mouse has a sensitivity setting which is available in 5 levels. Level 1 is very slow, levels 2-3 are comfortable and levels 4 and 5 are only for very soulful people. For me it is currently always at level two and I'm very happy with that.

So far, it has not had any dropouts or other defects. The response time does not differ from that of a wired mouse either. It has two "buttons" on the side which can be used to switch the pages forwards and backwards (for example in the web browser). This is also very pleasant and you don't accidentally come across it.

VictSing PC109 Comfort:

The mouse is very easy to use even with relatively large hands and offers a comfortable palm rest. This enables one to work on the PC for hours without getting tired fingers.

VictSing PC109 Appearance:

For this price, the mouse looks very high quality. It is similar to a gaming mouse, but it looks more business-like. She looks very noble in general.

VictSing PC109 Negative:

One thing I have to complain about is that the mouse goes into sleep mode after 15 minutes, which means that you have to press any key to reactivate it. However, this is not included in the evaluation, as this can be seen in the product description beforehand. It's annoying at first, but once you get used to it, you don't even notice it anymore.


This VictSing PC109 mouse is worth the money. It looks good and meets all the requirements that the average user would expect from a mouse. It has a comfortable weight and is easy to use. I am very happy with this mouse!

I will be happy to write an addendum in a long time to add the time the battery has lasted. If my contribution has helped, I look forward to a rating.

VictSing PC109 Driver and Manual Download for Windows

VictSing PC109 Manual | PC109-manual.pdf (382 KB)
VictSing PC109 Driver | PC109-driver.rar (5.66 MB)